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PENTAIP (M) SDN. BHD. (or PENTAIP) is an unconventional fintech company that initially kickstarts with Big Data Framework Structure (BDFS) and Data visualisation (or Graphical Outputs) since the first day it starts, which aims to service each and every participant in the financial market with an extraordinary experience in term of user experience and satisfying any unfulfilled needs that are less possible to be realised elsewhere at low cost as we do. At initial stage, we provide many financial analytical tools that integrated with Big Data Analytics Function (BDAF) to our users, which assist them to speed up their investment decision-making process in the most time-saving and accuracy manner, e.g. our stock screener that enables our users to filter out their desirable stock pickings in the most relevant (or narrowed) scope with the most meticulous input of criterion in our system, and also any other additional input upon our users’ request for further input customisation (Coming Soon).
A single stock page that contains all the up to date relevant information on any individual stock available in the open market, in which our users could glance through all relevant information in one-page format, by scrolling down the whole page of any individual stock information to the end. It would save our users’ time and effort to collect information from other sources. With this function, users can customize their report with simple click and drag stock to a page and read all the information from top to bottom.Thus, our analytical algorithmic model that scans through the whole financial market data for tracking any unusual movements or activities, e.g. on direction of smart money flows to any specific assets upon any buying power of any entity such as company insider (e.g. CEO, CFO, etc.), institution (e.g. Mutual Fund or Famous Investors) and so on, which assists our users to know better the timing on buying any specific stock, as being a trend-follower on those signals for the higher alpha (excess return) in each trade (especially for short-term trade).
Our document analytical speed-reading algorithmic classifiers that scans through the whole passages of the uploaded documents or any other documents within our database e.g. SEC documents, word by word, and then segregate those passages based on our pre-setting algorithm metrics within our database such as the financial term (e.g. P/B, P/E, etc.) in accordance to our financial mapping standard designed by CFA holder, for highlighting different crucial information, which enables our user to notice and pinpoint to any typical information at exact paragraph, to speed up the overall reading and analysing process on those information of the documents. The financial mapping standard is basically a financial dictionary in layman term.
As mentioned before, our tracking algorithmic model that traces the “Smart Money” transaction activities of any specific firm on its entity holding from any key person or Insiders, shareholders, institutional fund, corporate (e.g. Amazon Inc.) and so on, which we believe in their ability to direct (or affect) the company’s share price, at least in short-term volatility wise. The background information of each entity holding would also be tabulated and presented in our user interface (UI) for analytical purposes or drag to our single stock page for reference. Besides, user can design their own news presentation style by using our Customised News Interface (CNsI) and customize interested news topic. There are a wide range of topics selection including news related to cryptocurrency, hyperledger that would pop-out on the user interface (UI) at their own setting, for getting alerts from any selected topics such as macro-economic, upcoming IPO and quarter or annual result announcement and so on.
To convert tons of a boring numerical formatted data into a few infographics (e.g. graph, chart, diagram), which are friendly to us as human to comprehend, analyse and digest easily on that information at a glance, for smother flow of investment decision making process.We provide various types of statistical modelling tools that being integrated with our Big Data Analytics System (BDAS) for our users to work on their research and analyses with a better accuracy rate due to the advantages of our huge database that keeps tons of statistically backtested results on historical data within our Big Data system, which makes the comparison request on different backtested results easily to be done in our user interface (UI), as well as getting the detailed report for any portfolio strategy adjustment purposes.
We provide a complete set of conventional (or common) and any unique (or uncommon) kind of financial modelling visualisation such as option max-pain, option volatility smile and any other infographics, which might not be provided or provided separately from any single source (or vendor) that would be very inconvenient to users (or Analysts) in managing their overwhelming research report from different source and difficulty to trace back any detail related to generating the report for any amendment. And so, what we could provide our users is one-stop solution in financial modelling visualisation that enables them to access to any kind of visualisation in single source especially in any special type of visualisation in analysing more complex data pattern or scenario that requires more sophisticated technique (or modelling) such as Multi-Dimensional Data Visualization Strategies, as well as, giving them an ability to trace back each and every detail in the process of generating the research report for the best convenience in any amendment or recovery within our database system, which we believe our users would have a better experience of using our functional system.