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Cover 50,000+ listed company accross the world.

With one click, you can visualize the company health like top executive, professional. The health chart that commonly used in business meeting can save your time without study numbers for hours. It never being so easy to visualize company's health.
Make investment decision like company's insider.
Explore 50,000+ company data now !

liablity assets financial structure chart
Overview a company asset and liability structure in 5 section. Recognize a good company pattern. Business people love this chart for 20 years.
cash accPayable financial structure chart
Value investor avoiding company volality asset that is more than 50%.
You can visualize the company's volatility assets percentages without consult any professional.
cash flow financial structure chart
Ratio of how company spending their revenue. The secret is: "others portion" which sometimes is the hidden cashflow.
Look at "others portion" before you buying a risks company.

The Difference: TABLE vs CHART

By average, an investor spends 4.5 hours to study a company's financial statement in table form.

Financial Statement

  • 200 to 600 rows of lines.
  • average spending analysis of 4.5 hours to get a full picture.

financial report table

By average, chartist spends 23.4 second to study a company financial statement. This chart improves the efficiency for 692.3 times.

light theme financial structure chart

Financial Health Chart

  • Simple and direct view.
  • Averaged of 23.5 second to study the charts.
  • 50,000+ listed company data across major market in one platform.

10+ Effiency Investment Tools

Reveals the institution trader's tools with:
Customize your chart setting particular to country or stock or period. 7,000+ company insider transaction in indicator together with 15+ indicators.
600+ fundamental indicators for 50,000+ companies.

Health chart
liablity assets financial structure chart
Insider transactions
cash accPayable financial structure chart
Trendline chart
cash flow financial structure chart

Free User VS Paid User

Free Paid
7000+ company insider transaction visualization and holdings table
Candlestick with default parameter Customize candlestick including fundamental data, insider trading, indicator
Financial health chart in last year Financial health chart across 20 years
Trendline for 10 years Trendline for 20 years for annually and quaterly
Financial table analysis Polygon chart for fundamental analysis.

And more features are keep coming

Why become a Prey when you can become a Predator.

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